address1153 Gravel Pike, Hereford, PA 18056 911 (for emergency)

Tanker 58

Unit: Tanker 58
Year: 2009
Make: KME

Tanker 58 is a 2009 KME Predator Pumper Tanker with a 8 person cab. This unit is powered by a Caterpillar C13 525HP diesel motor. Tanker 58 has a 1500gpm Waterous single stage pump with a 2700 gallon tank and 40 gallon Class A foam cell. The compliment of hose that Tanker 58 carries is (1)100′- 3″ front bumper supply line, (2) 200′- 2″ crosslays w/foam, (1) 200′- 3″ Blitz line w/ pre-connected Blitz Fire monitor w/foam, (2) 15′ suction hoses, 500′ of 3″ supply hose, and 2000′ of 5″ LDH supply line. This units primary response duties are responding to anything dispatched with fire and mutual aid tanker assists.This unit is our first due engine on all fire assignments in Hereford Township. Tanker 58 is equipped with a 3000 gallon portable tank and (3) 10″ dump valves for rural water supply. We carry a 24′ and 35′ ground ladder as well as a 14′ roof ladder and 10′ attic ladder on Tanker 58. Tanker 58 is also equipped with a 16″ chainsaw and 12″ Cutoff Saw. This unit also carries an AED. Tanker 58 was placed in service in September of 2008 and was Hereford Vol. Fire Company’s very first purchase of a new apparatus.