address1153 Gravel Pike, Hereford, PA 18056 911 (for emergency)

Volunteers Needed

We’re in need of your help! We are in need of volunteers for both emergency response and fundraising activities. We are an all volunteer Fire Company that responds to all types of fires and vehicle accidents, and also assist EMS with medical emergencies when requested. We are especially in need of Firefighters and Fire Police.

Training is provided and is paid for by the department. If your interested in giving back to your community, this is a wonderful opportunity. Being a volunteer firefighter is a fulfilling experience that leads to long lasting friendships that becomes a second family! If you have any questions, or are unsure whether joining a fire company is right for you, please feel free to Contact Us and we would be happy to talk about our experiences and help you determine if this is right for you. Your also more then welcome to stop in at our station.

Applications can be picked up at the fire station. We’re normally at the station on Monday and Thursday Evenings. We’d love to see you!

Complete the form and we will be happy to contact you with more information

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