address1153 Gravel Pike, Hereford, PA 18056 911 (for emergency)


After numerous mobile homes were destroyed by fire in the Hereford Estates in 1972, local residents realized the need for a local fire department, and began assembling equipment and funds for the creation of a new fire company. On January 18, 1973, the Hereford Estates Fire Company was incorporated as a fire suppression entity. Shortly after, the company purchased a 1949 Seagrave Pumper for $500.00 from the New Berlinville Fire Company in Boyertown PA, which would be the companies first fire truck. This truck would remain with the company until 1990, when it was sold back to New Berlinville Fire Company. The first building to serve as the fire station was an old corn crib located on the Hereford Estates office complex, which had enough room for one piece of apparatus.  The company would be housed in this building for approximately a year and a half, when the company then moved into a two bay garage building on the same complex.  Shortly thereafter the apparatus fleet was increased with the purchase of a 1959 Chevrolet Panel Truck from Wescosville Ambulance, A 1955, 1000 gallon Chevrolet Tanker from Goodwill Fire Company in Bally, and a 1955 Seagrave Pumper from Gouglersville Fire Company in 1977, which would serve the company until 1988.

In 1981, the company purchased a three acre plot of land at the intersection of Gravel Pike and Pine Tree Road from Ray Kriebel for $40,000.  Construction began immediately on the 60’x40′, four bay engine room which serves as our current fire station.  Once the company moved into the new station, the organization’s name was changed to the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company Inc.  1983 saw the purchase of a 1961 International / Bean 750 gpm high pressure pumper from the Perkasie Fire Company.  Shortly after, the company purchased a 1969 American LaFrance Pumper from the Collegeville Fire Company, which would replace the 1955 Seagrave.  The also company built a replacement tanker to replace the 1955 Chevrolet Tanker, using a 1969 Chevrolet C80 Chassis purchased from Longacre’s Dairy and a 1600 gallon tank purchased from a local oil company.  In 1986, the company also realized the need for a Brush Truck.  A 1978 Jeep CJ5 was purchased from a private party and converted to a brush truck by the company.  The Tuck held 70 gallons of water with a 20 gpm pump.  In October of 1988, the company purchased a 1971 Hahn pumper equipped with a 1250 gpm pump from Cain & Sons Fire Equipment Company in Pine Brook New Jersey.  This truck replaced the 1961 high pressure pumper.

In 1990, the company began construction on another Tanker to replace the 1969 C80 that was built in 1980’s.  The company purchased an 1981 International Transtar 5000, 10-Wheel Tractor Chassis from a private party, and purchased a used 3000 gallon GMC Tanker from the Coopersburg Fire Company.  This 3000 gallon tank was removed from the GMC, and placed on the International chassis, along with a Hale 500 gpm pump.  Throughout the 1980’s, and early 1990’s, the Engine Room doubled as a Social Hall for the Fire Company.  Every Tuesday Night all of the Trucks would be pulled out of the station, and tables and chairs would be set up for our weekly Bingo Nights.  The same was done on Sunday Mornings when the hall was used as an Auction Hall.  During winter months, the trucks would be driven 1/4 mile down the road and stored inside the Service Bays at Spaar’s Buick Pontiac, which later became Bennett Buick Pontiac.  In 1995, after the need for a dedicated social hall became clear, plans began on building an addition to the existing station.  In April of 1996, the addition to the building was completed, and began hosting Bingo’s, Auctions and other events.  1996 also saw the purchase of a 1978 Mack CF 1250 gpm pumper from the Wescosville Fire Company.  The Mack replaced the 1969 American LaFrance, which was sold to Vivian Area Fire Association in Oklahoma.

In 2001, the company purchased a 1979 Hahn 1250 gpm pumper from the Emmaus Fire Department.  This truck replaced the 1971 Hahn, which was also sold the to the Vivian Area Fire Association in Oklahoma.  In the same year, the company received a 1987 Chevrolet Pickup Truck from the PA DCNR for use as a Brush Truck.  The company re-painted the truck and installed a Darley skid unit.  It was then placed into service as Brush 58, replacing the 1978 Jeep, which was sold to a private collector.   Two years later in the spring of 2003, the company purchased a 1990 Grumman Firecat Rescue Engine from the Middletown Fire Company in Maryland.  The Grumman replaced the 1978 Mack pumper which, as were the previous two pumpers, sold to the Vivian Area Fire Association in Oklahoma. In 2007. with the help of funding received from FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, the Fire Company placed an order with KME Fire Apparatus for a custom built Pumper Tanker.  This would be the company’s first “new” apparatus purchased and build to our specifications.  The truck was completed, and the fire company took delivery in the summer of 2008, and was placed in service a month later.  The KME would replace the 1979 Hahn pumper, and the 1981 International Tanker, both of which were sold to a used apparatus dealer, who in turn sold both units to Fire Departments in Argentina.

From 2008 through 2016, the department operated with (4) pieces of apparatus, consisting of the 2008 KME, 1990 Grumman, 1987 Brush, and a Ford Explorer designated “Traffic 58”. In 2017, the department purchased a new 2017 GMC Sierra 3500, 4-door extended cab, long bed pickup truck to become Utility 58.This unit replaced the previous Ford Explorer which served as Traffic 58. The Ford Explorer was sold to a private individual. In 2019, the department purchased a 2007 E-ONE Typhoon Rescue Pumper from Mantua Township Fire District in New Jersey, replacing the 1990 Grumman. The Grumman was sold to New Ashford Fire and Rescue in Massachusetts, where it was retired in 2023.In 2020, the department replaced the 1987 Chevrolet Brush truck with a 2006 Ford F350 pickup truck, re-mounting the side tool boxes and skid unit from the previous truck onto the 2006 Ford.The 1987 Chevrolet truck chassis was returned to the PA DCNR.