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Engine 58

Unit: Engine 58
Year: 1990
Make: Grumman

Engine 58 is a 1990 Grumman Firecat Rescue Engine with a 6 person cab. This unit is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V92 350HP motor. Engine 58 has a 1250gpm Waterous single stage pump with a 750 gallon tank. The compliment of hose that Engine 58 carries is (1)100′- 1-3/4″ front bumper line, (3) 150′- 1-3/4″ crosslays, (1) 300′- 3″ Blitz line w/ pre-connected Blitz Fire monitor, (2) 10′ suction hoses, (1) 25′ suction hose, and 1000′ of 5″ LDH supply line. This units primary response duties are responding to MVA’s, Rescues, and Medical calls. We carry ResQtec hydraulic tools on this apparatus. There is a pre-connected electric powered hydraulic pump that is attached to (2) 100′ reels. The pre-connected tools on the reels are a Combi-Tool and a Spreader. We also carry a Cutter and (3) Rams as well as a gas powered backup / portable hydraulic pump. Engine 58 is equipped with a ResQtec airbag system which includes (3) interlocking airbags. This unit carries a large amount of hand tools as well. Engine 58 also carries various medical equipment as well including an AED. This unit previously served the Middletown Fire Company of Maryland and their community before being acquired by our department in 2003.