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Brush 58

Unit: Brush 58 (B58)

Year: 2006

Make: Ford

Brush 58 is a 2006 Ford F350 pickup truck. This unit is powered by a 6.0L Powerstroke diesel motor. Brush 58 is equipped with a skid unti consisting of a 200 gpm Darley pump with a 200 gallon tank and 8 gallon Class A foam cell.  Preconnects include a 200 ft reel of 1” lightweight booster hose, and 150 ft of 1.5 inch preconnected hoseline.  We also carry a compliment of brush rakes, shovels, and other brush equipment.  Brush 58 is equipped with Stihl 16″ and 20″ chainsaws. This unit is also equipped with a winch that can be mounted to the front or rear of the apparatus.  Brush 58 originally served as a municipal vehicle, and replaced our 1987 Chevrolet pickup.  Brush 58 was placed into service in 2020.